25 Free Crochet Afghan Patterns for Beginners


25 Free Crochet Afghan Patterns for Beginners

With these simple and easy crochet blanket patterns, you will become a blanket-making pro in no time!


26 Free Afghan Crochet Patterns for Beginners

New to crochet? Check out these 25 Free Crochet Afghan Patterns for Beginners. Crocheting can be overwhelming at first. Ease your way into the world of afghans with our free crochet patterns just for you.

With these simple tutorials, you can learn the basic stitches and practice your skills. Soon you will realize that you can make a variety of easy afghan crochet patterns with very little expertise!

Not only do we have tutorials for afghans, but we also have ones for crochet granny squares. Crochet squares are great for beginners because they are small and usually very quick to make. With all the wonderful colors and patterns, one of these projects is sure to strike your fancy. From granny squares to afghans, this list will be your beginner's guide to the art of crochet.

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PLUS! Crocheting for beginners is not as difficult when you have a video to follow along with. The video right below will teach you how to make an easy corner to corner blanket. Check it out!

Free Easy to Crochet Afghan Patterns

Spring into Summer Crochet Blanket

Crocheting for beginners doesn't have to be painful—as a matter of fact, it will be downright fun when you start out with these crochet blankets. Ranging from easy to beginner crochet patterns, all these crochet projects for beginners will be great practice while still producing a beautiful project.

"Start with simple stitches and practice them until they look great and even. A beautifully stitched piece of single crocheted or double crocheted stitches looks better than a poorly stitched piece of fancy stitches." – Cindy, crocheter

There's even a beginner's ripple blanket for you to test out a new style! These beginner crochet projects are perfect for those crochet newbies just starting out - so grab your hook and some yarn and give these crochet blanket patterns a try!


  • Unbelievably Easy Crochet BlanketThis chunky crochet blanket pattern is so easy even a beginner can make it. The Unbelievably Easy Crochet Blanket is perfect for when you need a quick crochet blanket to give as a gift. 
  • Lilac & Sage Raised Rib Crochet BlanketCrocheted with pretty lilac and sage yarn, this afghan is made first in strips and then joined together with the invisible seam technique, making it a great option for beginner crocheters.
  • Beginner Daydream Baby BlanketThis crochet blanket pattern is great for those just learning how to crochet. The continuous rounds give it that never ending square effect which can be mesmerizing to the eye. Any baby who receives this wonderful blanket will want to stare at it for hours because of the colors and optical illusion.
  • Ridiculously Quick and Easy Crochet AfghanWhip up the Ridiculously Quick and Easy Crochet Afghan and prepare to cozy up on the couch. This crochet afghan pattern is made by crocheting four strands of yarn together as one, so you will able to work this blanket up in no time. 
  • Spring into Summer Crochet Blanket PatternThis C2C crochet blanket pattern makes an interesting afghan without being too difficult. Working in corner to corner crochet, sometimes called crazy stitch, helps to create a simple blanket full of texture. As a bonus, if you use variegated yarn, the stripes will crochet themselves.
  • Rainbow Stripes Beginner Crochet BlanketThis Rainbow Stripes Beginner Crochet Blanket captures the brightest colors of the rainbow and hooks them into the perfect piece. This afghan blanket is crocheted loosely, so it gaps easily for little fingers to play with or for a lighter feel.
  • Beginner's Round RippleIf you're just learning to crochet, you've got to try this easy crochet pattern. The Beginner's Round Ripple is simple enough for beginners but still looks impressive. The visually appealing design and calming shades of blue come together to create a truly beautiful crochet afghan pattern.

Easy to Crochet Granny Square Patterns

Autumn Rainbow Granny Square Pattern

Learn how to crochet granny squares and a granny blanket from these super easy patterns. This collection will help you decide which crochet pattern to try first. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced crocheter, these patterns are fun for everyone. After trying these easy patterns, you'll be "hooked" on crochet for sure!

"Don’t be afraid to rip-it-out!! There is a lot of yarn in this world- don’t worry about using “too much”- there is no such thing. Start simple & practice. Granny squares are the easiest to learn a little bit of everything." ​– Mary, crocheter


  • Victorian V Stitch SquareThe Victorian V-Stitch Square is soon to be your favorite classic design. This crochet granny square expertly uses the v-stitch to create a truly elegant crochet motif. 
  • Basic Crochet Granny SquareThe Basic Crochet Granny Square is the perfect one to learn how to crochet a granny square. This is a classic pattern that is great for any crochet granny square blanket; plus, it looks great in any color! A beginner crochet granny square like this won't use up a lot of your yarn or time, so you can make a bunch and keep on practicing.
  • Cottage Relaxation Granny AfghanThis beginner crochet afghan pattern is made by joining granny squares together on a diagonal axis. It has a simple but timeless design that will instantly become a family favorite. No matter your skill level, you will be able to make this crochet granny square blanket in no time.
  • Basic Rectangle GrannyThis Basic Rectangle Granny is the perfect crochet pattern for beginners. Start with one square and soon enough you'll have a granny square afghan! All you have to do is be able to work up shell stitches to get one of these granny square patterns going. 
  • Springtime Squares Crochet AfghanSpringtime Squares is a soft and cuddly crochet afghan worked up in pastel shades. Worked in Caron One Pound yarn, this beginner-friendly pattern is comprised of 25 individual granny square motifs that are joined together at the end. Featuring a helpful diagram and an assembly diagram, this crochet afghan pattern is the perfect springtime pattern. 
  • Autumn Rainbow Granny Square PatternIf you want a crochet square that radiates brilliant fall color while also being perfectly cozy for the season, the Autumn Rainbow Granny Square Pattern is the way to go. This granny square has a unique 8-point star design, with each round blending together more beautiful colors and pointed edges. This easy crochet pattern would look stunning in an entire afghan pattern, or you could combine this square with other beautiful fall designs. You will love how this pattern makes your afghan look and feel!

Fast and Easy Crochet Blanket Patterns

Simple Diamond Border Afghan

If you've ever wanted to try crochet, this is your chance. It's an amazing world of talent and creativity and these patterns are proof. It's the easiest way to ease yourself into crocheting with no stress. The Floral Petals Mile a Minute Afghan pattern is so much fun - you won't be able to put your hook down!

"Know, ahead of time, that mistakes happen. Take it slow. Get used to the yarn, AND your hook. You’ll do “so much,” pull it all out, and start over MANY times. The KEY: Have fun with it." – Dan R, crocheter

The simpler the better - and that's just what these amazing patterns are all about. These easy crochet blanket patterns are fast, quick, and simple!


  • Floral Petals Mile a Minute AfghanIf you need to work up a crochet blanket quickly, you'll be grateful that you found the Floral Petals Mile a Minute Afghan. As far as crochet blanket patterns go, this one is the prettiest and the fastest to make. When you need an easy blanket for a baby shower or another occasion, this mile a minute crochet pattern should be your go-to last minute gift.
  • Crochet One to Two Skein ThrowIf you're looking for one skein crochet patterns, then this one skein wonder is just for you. The Crochet One Skein Throw is fun and quick to make. Plus, it's functional, too! Using the double crochet stitch and treble crochet stitch, this easy pattern has texture and style without the hefty price tag.
  • Sunny Skies Crochet AfghanCelebrate wonderful weather with the Sunny Skies Crochet Afghan. Even on rainy days, this easy crochet afghan pattern will transport you to the summer time with its pale yellow, light blue, and white stripes. You'll want to sit out on the porch at sunset with this light and lacy afghan made of the shell stitch and the picot stitch. The pastel colors and lightness of this crochet afghan also make it a great gift for a mommy-to-be and her newborn to curl up in for a nap.
  • Easy Garden Chevron AfghanLooking for an easy way to bring some of those lovely outdoor colors into your home? The Easy Garden Chevron Afghan will help you do just that with a spring flair! Earth, sky and water are all represented on this wonderful crochet chevron pattern. The triple crochet stitch gives this blanket a light, airy feel, so it's perfect for the warmer months.
  • Simple Diamond Border AfghanHere's a simple crochet pattern that anyone from beginners to advanced can work up: the Simple Diamond Border Afghan! This timeless design can have a striking contrast by using bold colors or take on a classic feel with toned down and neutral hues. Brighten up any room in your house or match your style with this decorative free crochet pattern.
  • Salt Water Taffy Baby BlanketThe Salt Water Taffy Baby Blanket is a gorgeous crochet baby blanket that's perfect for the spring and summer months. With a color scheme that's reminiscent of walks on the pier and summertime food stands, this easy crochet blanket makes a perfect baby shower gift.
  • Fun and Hugs Baby BlanketIf there are two things you really want for your baby, it's fun and hugs. You want to give them as many hugs as you possibly can, and you want them to have as much fun as a tiny baby is capable of. That's why this Fun and Hugs Baby Blanket has to be on your list of must-haves for when the baby arrives. This adorable, soft blanket is perfect for your child to stretch out on or for you to wrap your baby up in. It's the snuggest feeling they will ever experience — aside from when you hold them in your arms, of course.

Beginner and Easy Crochet Ripple Patterns

Malibu Ripple Afghan

Crochet ripple blankets look a little tricky, but they're actually surprisingly easy! Because of their simple and repeating stitch pattern, once you've gotten the hang of the pattern, you can just keep going until your afghan is complete.

"Find a pattern you love. This keeps your interest, even when you are having issues with tension and hook size." – Emily C, crocheter

Stick with just one color to let the stitch do the work, like with the Water Ripples Crochet Afghan, or use multiple colors for a rainbow striped effect, like the Malibu Ripples Afghan


  • Stunning Popcorn Ripple Crochet AfghanIf you're looking to create an effortlessly elegant crochet afghan, then look no further than this Stunning Popcorn Ripple Crochet Afghan. With its vintage air and rich texture, it's a must-have pattern for any crocheter! Whether you give the afghan as a gift or keep it for yourself, there's simply no way that you can wrong.
  • Crochet V Stitch Ripple AfghanGet ready to fall in love with the Crochet V Stitch Ripple Afghan. In chic coordinating colors of blues and browns, this lacy ripple pattern is a contemporary twist on a classic design. Using the crochet v stitch, you'll create a lacy ripple that will instantly add a chic touch to any room. It's the perfect blanket to snuggle up with while you sit by the fire or watch a movie with the family.
  • Cabin in the Woods Crochet AfghanWhat if you could get that coveted woodsy lodge look in your own home? You can with the Cabin in the Woods Crochet Afghan! This cozy crochet blanket pattern is full of warm tones that will make you feel like you are away at your dream cabin. With both a crochet ripple stitch and a crochet puff stitch, this afghan has texture and style. When those autumn months send a chill in the air, this crochet afghan will be the perfect thing to snuggle up with!
  • Water Ripples Crochet AfghanDon't you just love the way one small pebble can cause a huge ripple effect over a still lake? The Water Ripples Crochet Afghan mimics that beautiful sight. This is one of the prettiest simple crochet patterns you can find. A soft blue hugs your shoulder and transports you to a relaxing seaside getaway. Make your own today!
  • Malibu Ripple AfghanLooking for a fun variation on the basic ripple crochet afghan? The Malibu Ripple Afghan is the perfect ripple pattern to try. Complete with a graphic chart and a few photos to help you along, you'll love the way this ripple afghan turns out. Great for fun and colorful summer days, this ripple afghan is as beachy as can be.

What's your favorite beginner crochet stitch to use for afghans?

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My mother-in-law taught me how to crochet. It's kind of weird because I'm left-handed and she was right-handed. I learned right-handed anyway because I wanted to make a sweater for my baby when he was born. That was 54 years ago. Back when you didn't know if it was a boy or girl. As it happened, he was a boy!

My maternal, grandmother taught me to crochet. I lost her when I was 11 yrs old. So when I was older and wanted to crochet more intricate patterns, my aunt took over my instructions. I miss them both.

I'm bookmarking this page! Trying really hard to learn to crochet, and I want my first big project to be an afghan!

Friends of the family and when my daughter was born my aunt refreshed it for me now I love it

My new Best Friend taught me to crochet in I was so into making things and ended up never making anything for myself In I had surgery on my left arm which left my left hand paralazed I had tried off and on to crochet again but me hand just could not handle it Now I am Determined to continue with the one hobby I truly love doing I am learning different ways to glide the yard with my left hand Difficult but not impossible I have ordered the new padded hooks and several patterns So far I have almost made a scarf which has shells in it lol I am so excited I want to make everything I see now A lot of the stitches I have to re-learn It has been over years since I crocheted anything in entirety Thank you for ALL the Free patterns I LOVE CrochetRead More This time I AM going to make something for Myself

What an inspiration you are! Thank you for sharing your story. I broke my wrist about six years ago and one of the first things I asked the surgeon after he implanted a plate and screws was would I be able to crochet! You see where my priorities laid! I am crocheting now more than ever. I will keep a good thought for you too!

My Mom taught me to crochet when i was 12years old and i am 68 years now and only start to enjoy it

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I LOVE this website!

My grandmother taught me to crochet.

I am left handed and my mother couldn't teach me, so I taught myself to crochet )

Thank you! I have wanted to crochet a granny square pillow for my granddaughter since I saw it on her PINTEREST post. Wish me luck?

Oh I do wish that I could remember who taught me to crochet... It was about 36 years ago... during a church ladies meeting... I was 12 years old... and I can remember learning to chain... and the granny square... that was the first pattern I learned and the only one I knew or made until the past couple years when I picked up beading and making jewelry first... and then crochet again... I've completed a Shawl now, a couple market bags, a hat, some fingerless mits, a baby blanket for my new granddaughter.... and am currently working on finishing a CAL with The Crochet Crowd Yarnspirations. Thanks for this opportunity to share my renewed love for crochet!

lovely patterns



love it


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